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About Us

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Established in August of 2015

Utopia Feni sign

Utopia Feni is a creative lifestyle brand based in Virginia Beach, VA built to sustain a local creative community of talented artists as well provide creative opportunities to a small village in Feni, Bangladesh. We aim to create, discover, and collaborate with artists near and far in order to share the value of creativity locally and abroad.

We currently have a gallery-studio space located at 1314 Kempsville Rd. in Virginia Beach, 23464 where there are themed shows and exhibitions by local artists. We also host meet-ups and classes for (and from) our arts community frequently. Currently, we are in the process building the studio into a fully functioning creative space and developing an organic art garden for outdoor events in our own backyard.

Our lifestyle is based on being simple, natural, and glamorous. We produce lifestyle products such as notebooks, candles, and tote bags to raise money for our studio and our prospective arts program in Feni, Bangladesh.

Raeesah Islam has been planning this project since 2012 through her many fashion design and marketing classes from The London College of Fashion. She imagined building a sanctuary in her father's village in Feni where she created an ethical sourcing company to promote the arts industry as well as provide jobs in the village. Much like what she is currently doing in Virginia Beach, she plans to create a welcoming environment for those who seek a creative outlet in a community sparse of the understanding for the arts. With that goal in mind, she decided to begin her endeavors by raising funds to build an art program at Nizkunjara High School in the village.

With the funds from rentals, sales, and donations- and the help from interns and volunteers, Utopia Feni has been able to grow at an amazing yet reasonable pace. We plan for the space to someday become a self-sustaining pseudo artists commune and provide a lifestyle based around positive values. We hope to continue to develop this brand into something widely accessible and true to the path that we have paved as a community. Utopia Feni has a long journey ahead, but with the support of those around us, we plan to flourish as a company.