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Our brand revolves around having a lifestyle that is simple, natural, and glamorous. We have designed this way of life with many cultural influences in order to find unity throughout a variety of experiences. We believe in living a pleasant, simple life with bursts of excitement. We encourage everyone to follow their dreams, see the world, and spread positivity. Our products reflect this lifestyle in primarily natural materials with bright eye-catching features.

We produce ethically made lifestyle products such as T-shirts, tote-bags, sketchbooks, decor, home-ware accessories, and jewelry. Our signature color-scheme is inspired by vibrant hues found in nature such as turquoise, teal, rose, salmon, light olive, plum, and gold. At this stage, all of our products are made in-house by the Utopia Feni team. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by developing products through recycling, up-cycling, and using organically made materials. We also collaborate with local artists to create unique product lines which tie our brands together.

All sales of Utopia Feni brand products cycle back into our non-profit fund which is divided into four main categories:

We hope to establish ethical sourcing directly from Feni after we fully establish our arts program in the Nizkunjara village. We want to help communities near and far in anyway we can accomplish doing so. We have started our sanctuary in order to build an empire and share our message with the world.