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Our Cause

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Creativity is as useful economically as it is socially and for mental health. Young people need a positive outlet to stay active, stay out of trouble, and focus their energy on beauty. By developing a creative community locally, we can fund and establish building an arts program in an underdeveloped village in Feni, Bangladesh.

We will be working closely with the Nizkunjara village and their local high school. This is a community where children and students are not yet taught how to use their creative talent. There are about 1500 students in this school and they currently provide math, science, and liberal arts in their curriculum. By building this program, we can expand their horizons in seeing the value of art and those who are inspired can aim to succeed like artists from around the world.

In the next year, we will continue to develop our brand and raise awareness for the importance of art. In order to remain active, we are seeking donations for operational costs in addition to raising $5000 for the art program in Feni. These funds will be used to hire Nizkunjara its very first art instructor and provide the school with art supplies for the first year of the program. We will be accepting art supplies and educational materials to bring the village for our mission trip.

Please donate to our cause. We are committed to making the world better in anyway we can. Thank you for your time; live beautifully.