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Utopia Feni Creative Studios has a gift shop paired with its art gallery. Our shop consists of handmade products by local craftsman and by artists from around the world. We currently consign with over 25 local companies in Virginia. Creations consist of hand crafted decor, homeware, jewelry, clothing, accessories, art prints, and much more. This is also the home of our lifestyle brand which funds our projects locally and abroad.

Our prices are comparatively low when it comes to handmade. We believe that it is important to share our creations no matter the cost. We want to work with artisans who share our values and are inspired to be a part of our community. If you are interested in collaborating with our brand, send us an email at utopiafeni@gmail.com . For more information on how to consign with us, please see the application!


In addition to consignment, we import gifts from the different places we travel to. So far, we have handmade gifts from England, Spain, Italy, Holland, Ukraine, and Bangladesh. we will continue to add to the collections as we see the world. We also feature Fine Art Fashion which consists of clothing, accessories, and decor inspired by fine artists throughout history.

Our shop is developing everyday and we will continue to share art and culture throughout our journey.